Gift cards


The electronic gift card will be sent by email to the purchaser once the transaction is approved and finalized by Boutique Canicule.

Usage information will also be sent to you at the same time as the electronic gift card.

There is no possibility for Boutique Canicule to schedule the sending of an electronic gift card, the electronic gift card will be sent to the purchaser automatically once your payment is approved and the order finalized by Boutique Canicule.

No physical gift card will be sent to you following the purchase of an electronic gift card on the Boutique Canicule website.

It is important to keep your gift card whether electronic or physical, otherwise it will be impossible to make any purchases.

These cards can only be used to make purchases at Boutique Canicule either on the website or in a store.

Funds do not expire.

Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.

No additional fees will be billed to you by Boutique Canicule in connection with the use of one of these cards during all purchases with one or other of these gift cards at Boutique Canicule.

The only charges that may be required to be paid are if the total amount of your invoice exceeds the amount of the gift card. You will need to pay the difference of the invoice, either by cash, debit card or credit card if you are in the store, and PayPal if the purchase is made online.

An electronic and physical gift card cannot be refunded or replaced if they have been lost or stolen.

Boutique Canicule dissociates itself from any responsibility if a purchase was made with your physical or electronic card in the event of loss or theft. If you go to the store and your card indicates that it has already been used following a theft or loss, we disclaim all liability.

A physical gift card, an electronic gift card, cannot be purchased with another gift card.

Your use of these cards constitutes your acceptance of the conditions presented by Boutique Canicule.

For any information, please contact Boutique Canicule at 450 641-1335.

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